El Paso Project Linus

Providing Security to Children One Blanket at a Time

Blanket Guidelines

Suggested Blanket Sizes

Baby: 40" x 40"

(Special note:  The baby-sized blanket may sound large, but it's the perfect size for a NICU isolette. :)

If you want to make a baby-sized blanket, please try to meet the suggested guideline as it is a minimum size.)

Child: 50" x 60"

Teen: 52" x 70"

Please, no odd shapes.  While round, octagon, or other shapes may be pretty, they are hard to use for wrapping a baby or covering a toddler. 

El Paso Project Linus Blanket Guidelines

Because of the delicate condition of our children, these guidelines were created to help us keep them safe.

Make blankets from new, clean, washable materials in infant, child or teen friendly colors.

Use 100% cotton fabric for quilts (you can use polyester-type or cotton batting). No used blankets for batting. Acrylic yarns work great for blankets - No wool as it could cause an allergic reaction. No fabric or yarn that has previously been a part of another blanket or garment should be used.

Don?t attach buttons, fringe, bows, ribbons or decorative items to a blanket that could possibly come loose ? they can be a choking hazard.

Please wash all blankets before turning them in. We must protect the health and safety of our little ones. It is okay to use a light-scented fabric softener - but please keep it light! Please don't use the laundry crystals on your blankets as the scents left may be too strong and could effect sensitive children.  The blankets are individually bagged in plastic bags.  The scent can get more concentrated while bagged, and children in hospitals may be sensitive to strong scents. Make sure that your blankets do not have pet hair on them as they could produce a severe allergic reaction in a sick child. Unfortunately, washing does not always remove the problem.

Also, please make sure that blankets do not smell of smoke. This could seriously compromise the health of a child with asthma.

Be sure to include a generous dose of love in your blankets for these special children.


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