El Paso Project Linus

Providing Security to Children One Blanket at a Time

Our Meeting Location

We meet at the Old Commissary at Ft. Bliss.  Look for the doors by the Trading Post sign.

Address:      1717 Marshall Rd.

Time:          9:30 am - around noon


To Enter Ft.Bliss:
All Drivers must have:
  • valid Drivers License,
  • current vehicle registration, and
  • proof of auto insurance
Please have your ID, license, and proof of auto insurance available and ready to hand to the guards at the gate.  All passengers in your vehicle will need to have an ID.  Children under age 12 do not need ID.
Be sure to observe all posted speed limits--these are enforced!
If you are driving, do not use your cell phone unless you have a bluetooth device--NO corded headsets.
Entry Gates to Ft.Bliss
New enhanced security measures will be in place at Ft. Bliss for the safety of soldiers, residents, employees, and civilians.  Please keep this in mind as you plan to attend our next Chapter meeting.
All visitors (in other words, everyone without a Department of Defense ID) will need to obtain a Visitor's Pass at one of five Visitor Control Centers before entering Ft. Bliss.
Hours for the Fort Bliss Visitor Control Centers are as follows:
Buffalo Soldier:                           24 Hours/7 Days a Week
(Airway and Airport)
Chaffee:                                      24 Hours/7 Days a Week
(Spur 601 & Chaffee)

Old Ironsides (Global Reach)     24 Hours/7 Days a Week
Please note that the following two gates will NOT have a Visitor Center open on Saturdays when we meet:
Sheridan:                     5:00 am – 9:00 pm, Monday - Friday
Biggs Airfield Main:       5:00 am – 9:00 pm, Monday - Friday
The Cassidy gate will be accessible to Department of Defense ID holders as well as those who obtain a daily pass or who have obtained a Ft Bliss Contractor's pass (can be acquired at the Chaffee Gate).  
Only Department of Defense ID holders may enter Fort Bliss at the following gates:
  • IBCT-South gate
  • Sergeant Major North gate
For more information, see:  https://www.bliss.army.mil/rv4_images/PR-NewVisitorControlCenters.pdf
As a reminder, anyone entering Ft. Bliss must have a U.S. state-issued driver's license or passport.  All vehicles and occupants are subject to random searches and inspections, which has always been the case. Travelers should plan accordingly as access times to Ft. Bliss might be increased due to these changes.

What's Nearby?
If you are interested in exploring the area after our Project Linus meetings, keep in mind that the Trading Post is home to the Thrift Store and A Little Bit of Bliss. Both stores are open to the public. The Thrift Store is open the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month. You are welcome to browse these two stores.
Freedom Crossing is right across the street on Haan Road for those who would like to try exploring a few places to eat. There are lots of options, and there is movie theater, too. The only three places where "civilians" cannot shop are the PX, Commissary, and Class 6 shoppette.  For more information, check the website:  http://freedomcrossingatfortbliss.com.

Chapter News